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Information Disclosure to Participants and Shareholders: Recent Court Practice and Practical Recommendations

CMS Business Breakfast

[External Location] CMS office, Moscow

Past event
19 April 2011, 09:00 - 10:30 UTC +00:00

We are pleased to invite you to our Business Breakfast dedicated to a subject of great importance and particular sensitivity: Shareholders’ and Participants’ Rights of Access to Corporate Information.

The analysis of Russian business and court practice shows that this is quite a topical issue. Problems with access to corporate information may arise not only for minority shareholders. Possible deterioration of relations with a partner of a joint venture in the form of a Russian LLC or closed JSC company may also lead to an information block.

Contrastingly, a company may itself become a victim of blackmail from a shareholder. There is also a risk that a competitor may try to access a company’s internal information under the guise of a shareholder.

These problems have become even more acute following the adoption of the Supreme Arbitration Court Information Letter and the Ruling of the Constitutional Court of Russia passed in January, 2011.

Speakers: John Hammond | Senior partner
Maria Sinyavskaya | Associate

The following issues will be covered:

- what information is required to be given by a company to its participants/shareholders, and when;
- issues which participants/shareholders should bear in mind when requesting information;
- considerations which should be taken into account by a company in avoiding liability for non-compliance with information supply obligations;
- risks of a breach of confidentiality arising when a participant/shareholder sells their share in a company;
- practical methods of protecting confidential corporate information.

Presentation during the event will be in English.

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Participation is free of charge.


Portrait of John Hammond
John Hammond, M.A. (Oxon)