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Explore exciting upcoming events, both digital and in-person, around the issues and topics that matter to you. Join us in our conversations and find out what the experts are talking about in your industry. 

Past events
Shop­ping Cen­ters Ses­sion
Join us for the on­line con­fer­ence ded­ic­ated to COV­ID-19’s im­pact on shop­ping mall in­dustry, where Artashes Ogan­ov, Head of our Real Es­tate and Con­struc­tion prac­tice, will talk about the leg­al side of...
CMS MI­PIM Lunch 2017
Each year, MI­PIM brings an op­por­tun­ity for en­ga­ging dis­cus­sions on in­dustry is­sues, trends and the chal­lenges for in­vestors, de­velopers and fund and as­set man­agers.We are look­ing for­ward to see­ing you...
Present­a­tion of Prac­tic­al Guide on Im­port Sub­sti­tu­tion in Rus­sia
Im­port Sub­sti­tu­tion and Loc­al­isa­tion of Pro­duc­tion have be­come very im­port­ant top­ics for for­eign com­pan­ies with activ­it­ies on the Rus­si­an mar­ket. Tra­di­tion­ally im­por­ted products have to be in­creas­ingly...
Mort­gage: new in le­gis­la­tion and court prac­tice
Dear col­leagues,CMS Rus­sia is pleased to in­vite you and your col­leagues to our train­ing on: Mort­gage: new in le­gis­la­tion and court prac­tice Speak­ers: Vladis­lav Sourkov | Part­ner, Head of Real Es­tate in...
Com­mer­cial Real Es­tate Man­age­ment
VII An­nu­al Con­fer­ence “COM­MER­CIAL REAL ES­TATE MAN­AGE­MENT” or­gan­ised by in­for-me­dia Rus­sia will be held on June, 23–24 in Mo­scow. This year, more than 100 play­ers and ex­perts of Real Es­tate mar­ket...
Lease agree­ments: tax as­pects
CMS Rus­sia is pleased to in­vite you and your col­leagues to our sem­in­ar on: Lease agree­ments: tax as­pects Speak­er: Stan­islav Tourb­an­ov | Part­ner, Head of Tax prac­ticeTues­day, 21 June 2011, 9:00 - 10:30...
Lease Agree­ments: What's New?
Com­mer­cial Real Es­tate Awards 2011
An­nu­al pro­fes­sion­al Com­mer­cial Real Es­tate Awards was foun­ded in 2003 due to the in­dustry busi­ness com­munity ini­ti­at­ive and has already proved it­self as the most sig­ni­fic­ant and pres­ti­gi­ous event with­in...
En­ergy Sav­ing and En­ergy Ef­fi­ciency 2011
CMS Rus­sia and The Mo­scow Times are pleased to in­vite you to the En­ergy Ef­fi­ciency and En­ergy Sav­ing 2011 con­fer­ence.The aim of the con­fer­ence is to dis­cuss a wide range of is­sues on en­ergy sav­ing and...
1st French - Rus­si­an Fin­an­cial For­um
In the con­text of the pro­ject "Mo­scow In­ter­na­tion­al Fin­an­cial Cen­ter" launched by Pres­id­ent Med­ve­dev, Par­is EURO­PLACE, the or­gan­iz­a­tion in charge to pro­mote the Par­is fin­an­cial cen­ter, and the City of...
Debt re­struc­tur­ing: key is­sues and the latest trends
The The pro­gramme will in­clude: I. Man­age­ment of in­terest ex­penses Op­tim­isa­tion of the in­terest de­duc­tion cap on for­eign cur­rency de­nom­in­ated debt Avoid­ing Rus­si­an thin cap rules De­fer­ral...
ULI Leg­al & Tax Struc­tur­ing sem­in­ar