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Competition and regulatory authorities now possess far-reaching powers to investigate companies and commercial arrangements, prohibit M&A deals, force divestment of merged businesses, review markets and impose penalties. There is the additional risk of private enforcement such as substantial (follow-on) antitrust damages claims. Being compliant and implementing effective risk mitigation strategies is key.  

We focus not only on problem solving but also on how you can avoid problems in the first place. Our team of competition lawyers in Russia and beyond has extensive experience in helping navigate these difficult paths so that you can focus on your business. We act for clients in all areas of competition law: 

  • cartels
  • distribution agreements
  • agreements comprising horizontal and vertical restraints
  • abuse of dominance
  • merger control
  • private enforcement
  • state aid 
  • investigations
  • compliance

Our sector approach helps us understand your business environment and get to grips with your issues.

What others say about us

The competition law practice  is excellent overall. We only recently started using the team’s services, but were positively surprised with the outcome and the process. Team members are highly knowledgeable in their field and deliver well-reasoned responses. Legal 500 2020

Please get in touch with the Head of our Competition practice Maxim Boulba

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31 March 2023
SEAM­LESS Leg­al ex­perts re­cog­nised by the Pravo-300 rank­ing 2023
SEAM­LESS Leg­al ex­perts have earned re­cog­ni­tion by the Pravo-300 in­di­vidu­al rank­ing re­leased on 21 Feb­ru­ary 2023. The most reput­able Rus­si­an na­tion­al rank­ing has awar­ded 12 SEAM­LESS Leg­al law­yers across...
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2 Feb­ru­ary 2023
SEAM­LESS Leg­al ad­vises Mayr-Mel­nhof Group on di­vest­ing its Rus­si­an busi­ness
The Mayr-Mel­nhof Group (MM), one of the world’s lead­ing man­u­fac­tur­ers of card­board and fold­ing boxes, has sold its com­pan­ies in Rus­sia with two pro­duc­tion sites in St. Peters­burg and Pskov to Gran­elle...
SEAM­LESS Leg­al re­cog­nised by Pravo-300 2022
We are more than happy to share our first re­cog­ni­tion as SEAM­LESS Leg­al by the na­tion­al rank­ing Pravo.ru-300. This year SEAM­LESS Leg­al has earned 17 re­cog­ni­tions, in­clud­ing Band 1 award for the In­sur­ance...
SEAM­LESS Leg­al ad­vises Nis­san on Rus­sia exit
SEAM­LESS Leg­al team has ad­vised ma­jor Ja­pan­ese car man­u­fac­turer Nis­san on its exit from Rus­sia.SEAM­LESS Leg­al team was led by firm’s man­aging part­ner Jean-François Mar­quaire, sup­por­ted by loc­al part­ners...
New re­stric­tions on trans­ac­tions with shares and par­ti­cip­at­ory in­terests...
On 15 Oc­to­ber 2022, Pres­id­en­tial De­cree No. 737* (the “De­cree”) was pub­lished which, among oth­er things, es­tab­lished an ad­di­tion­al list of trans­ac­tions or op­er­a­tions re­quir­ing per­mis­sion from the...
New re­stric­tions on trans­ac­tions in­volving par­ti­cip­at­ory in­terests in Rus­si­an...
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23 Au­gust 2022
The Dom­in­ance and Mono­pol­ies Re­view 2022
23 Au­gust 2022
Exit re­stric­tions for for­eign in­vestors in cer­tain Rus­si­an in­vest­ment pro­jects
Dir­ect or in­dir­ect trans­ac­tions with shares, par­ti­cip­at­ory in­terests, rights and ob­lig­a­tions in re­la­tion to cer­tain Rus­si­an en­tit­ies and owned by for­eign per­sons or en­tit­ies re­lated to “un­friendly states”...
Sim­pli­fied pro­ced­ure for clear­ing trans­ac­tions with the Fed­er­al An­ti­mono­poly...
8 Ju­ly 2022