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As local and international tax regulations become more prescriptive, dealing with them in a cross-border context presents you with a significant challenge. The number and complexity of tax investigations conducted by authorities is rapidly escalating and the need for tax adjustments is rising accordingly. Our 350 tax lawyers are supported by strong technical tax intelligence teams that identify developments in tax law and policy affecting your business. This multi-disciplinary approach helps you develop robust structures that maximise tax effectiveness in alignment with your commercial strategy.

Whether you are a financial institution, multinational, fund, investor or high net worth individual, we understand your business and the tax pressures you face. Our teams work together across Europe and beyond in the key areas affecting your business including VAT, international taxation, transfer pricing, e-commerce, M&A and investment funds, tax planning and financing. Our experts can help you manage tax control cases and deal with tax authorities as well as manage tax litigation cases. The right tax advice can make a material difference to transaction costs and, in some cases, avert serious consequences.

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Trans­fer Pri­cing
A full range of ser­vice­sOur tax law­yers have ex­tens­ive ex­per­i­ence of deal­ing with tax au­thor­it­ies on trans­fer pri­cing cases and bring­ing those cases t


Do­ing busi­ness in Hong Kong
SEAM­LESS Leg­al to­geth­er with Cheng & Cheng Tax­a­tion, a Hong Kong based ac­count­ing firm, in­vite you to join a series of we­binars on cur­rent busi­ness en­vir­on­ment in Hong Kong and Rus­sia.Par­ti­cip­a­tion...
Chas­ing busi­ness op­por­tun­it­ies in Rus­sia
SEAM­LESS Leg­al to­geth­er with Cheng & Cheng Tax­a­tion, a Hong Kong based ac­count­ing firm, in­vite you to join a series of we­binars on cur­rent busi­ness en­vir­on­ment in Hong Kong and Rus­sia.Par­ti­cip­a­tion...
2023 de­clar­a­tion cam­paign: ready, steady, go!
3 March 2023
Trans­fer pri­cing com­pli­ance and ad­min­is­tra­tion of in­tra-group flows: latest...
Join us on­line on 2 March 2023 to learn more about the chal­lenges faced by the in­ter­na­tion­al busi­nesses in Rus­sia in ad­min­is­tra­tion of their cross-bor­der flows, and avail­able solu­tions.Dur­ing the we­bin­ar...
SEAM­LESS Leg­al pro­motes Yulia Smour­ova to Coun­sel
31 Janu­ary 2023
SEAM­LESS Leg­al has been re­com­men­ded by For­bes Club Leg­al Rank­ing in Rus­sia
For­bes has presen­ted the res­ults of its study of the best law firms in Rus­sia ad­vising High Net Worth In­di­vidu­als – For­bes Club Leg­al Rank­ing 2022.SEAM­LESS Leg­al has been re­com­men­ded across four cat­egor­ies:In­di­vidu­al...
SEAM­LESS Leg­al re­cog­nised by Pravo-300 2022
We are more than happy to share our first re­cog­ni­tion as SEAM­LESS Leg­al by the na­tion­al rank­ing Pravo.ru-300. This year SEAM­LESS Leg­al has earned 17 re­cog­ni­tions, in­clud­ing Band 1 award for the In­sur­ance...
SEAM­LESS Leg­al ad­vises Nis­san on Rus­sia exit
SEAM­LESS Leg­al team has ad­vised ma­jor Ja­pan­ese car man­u­fac­turer Nis­san on its exit from Rus­sia.SEAM­LESS Leg­al team was led by firm’s man­aging part­ner Jean-François Mar­quaire, sup­por­ted by loc­al part­ners...
De­vel­op­ments in the reg­u­la­tion of di­git­al fin­an­cial as­sets and di­git­al...
30 Septem­ber 2022
Rus­sia ex­pands tax sup­port meas­ures in the IT sec­tor
Yet an­oth­er pack­age of meas­ures aimed at ex­pand­ing and cla­ri­fy­ing the cri­ter­ia for tax in­cent­ives for IT com­pan­ies was in­tro­duced mid-Ju­ly un­der Fed­er­al Law No. 321-FZ (the “Law”). Over­view of...
Tax­a­tion of e-ser­vices: back to ba­sics
1 Au­gust 2022
The former Mo­scow of­fice of CMS to con­tin­ue work­ing as an in­de­pend­ent law...
On 15 June 2022, the former Mo­scow of­fice of the in­ter­na­tion­al law firm CMS an­nounces the start of work as an in­de­pend­ent law firm un­der the new brand name SEAM­LESS Leg­al.Over 80 col­leagues of the Mo­scow of­fice con­tin­ue work­ing as one team, led by Man­aging Part­ner Jean-Fran­cois Mar­quaire and Seni­or Part­ner Le­onid Zubar­ev.We keep ad­vising our cli­ents across all 23 prac­tices and sec­tors: We lean on 30 years of ex­pert­ise and an im­pec­cable repu­ta­tion as part of an in­ter­na­tion­al law firm. We have al­ways abided by strict pro­fes­sion­al stand­ards and will con­tin­ue provid­ing ser­vices of the highest qual­ity. Jean-Fran­cois Mar­quaire, Man­aging Part­ner: “We are proud of hav­ing been able to cre­ate and pre­serve a united team with a friendly cor­por­ate cul­ture and re­spons­ible at­ti­tude to our busi­ness.”Le­onid Zubar­ev, Seni­or Part­ner: “Our new brand SEAM­LESS Leg­al most ac­cur­ately re­flects the ap­proach to work that has de­veloped over the years in our firm – in­teg­rity and co­her­ence, im­pec­cab­il­ity, con­tinu­ity and un­in­ter­rup­ted sup­port to our cli­ents at any time."