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Are you a Russian company looking to enter the German market or expand existing activities in Germany and beyond? Whatever your sector or requirement, we can help you exploit the attractive investment and business opportunities offered by Europe’s largest economy.

We have long experience of advising Russian clients on the full range of relevant matters, making us the perfect partner for all your legal needs. Our Russian Desk experts bridge the language and cultural differences to deliver comprehensive support. You also benefit from our local presence at major commercial centres throughout Germany and our strong network of contacts.

Germany is one of the most attractive investment locations in Europe for Russian businesses. Its geographical location in the heart of the continent, excellent infrastructure and strong technology base offer ideal conditions for Russian companies looking to the West.

Doing business in Germany involves dealing with a complex and sophisticated legal environment. It also means grappling with unfamiliar administrative procedures and business practices. Our special team of lawyers serving Russian clients includes Russian-speaking experts based in Germany and German lawyers based in Moscow, allowing us to understand and explain the various constraints.

All our Russian Desk lawyers are well acquainted with the legal and commercial conditions in Russia and Germany. They speak both languages fluently and approach projects with a business focus that combines professional rigour with real-world pragmatism. In the event of conflicts with your business partners or suppliers, they are also able to provide reliable advice and support around dispute resolution.

Clients who choose CMS benefit from access to a one-stop service – we are among a very small number of firms that can provide legal advice across all areas of commercial law, including tax law. This technical ability is backed by sector-specific teams that bring together our expertise around individual industries and enable us to understand your business. In addition to Germany, we can help you expand into other European markets.

Our Russia outbound service is ready to assist you with every aspect of your activities in Germany:

  • Analysis and support around market entry
  • Company formation
  • M&A, acquisition of equity interests, joint ventures
  • Project finance
  • Advice on supply relationships and international trade law
  • Employment law, immigration law, employee postings
  • Ongoing legal advice and litigation
  • Support for business negotiations with German partners

To discuss your specific requirement, please contact us via the online form, email or by phone.

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