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First edition of the Renewable Energy Law Review published

October 2018

This compendium has been formulated to provide a good overview of the legal framework and current status and challenges in structuring, financing and investing in renewable energy projects in the selected jurisdictions.

Dr. Thomas Heidemann, partner at CMS CMS Russia, and Anastasia Makarova, Senior Associate at CMS Russia, contributed the chapter about Russia.

Introduction renewable energy law in Russia

After years of being considered an ‘oil-and-gas country’, Russia now has an expanding renewable energy sector following a recent spate of foreign investment, and the installation and construction of several renewable energy projects. The Soviet Union had a track record of developing renewable energy projects, especially large hydropower projects but also wind energy projects. Nevertheless, since 1970, low oil prices led to the complete abandonment of this sector, which was then neglected by Russian politics.

This situation changed only with the adoption of a national strategy for the development of renewable energy in 2009, such strategy becoming necessary after Russia joined the Paris Climate Agreement and had to meet the obligations in the Agreement to reduce its CO2 emissions.

As regulatory incentives were poor, the sector only started to develop after a serious shift in stimulation measures for the production of renewable energy in 2013 through the introduction of a capacity-based stimulation system.

Renewable Energy Law Review - Russia Preview
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Anastasia Makarova