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Business in China: Experts Expect the Wind Blow from the East


As the political tension over the situation in Ukraine escalates experts say investment priorities are about to change with the main focus on Mainland China and Hong Kong.

Following the results of the conference on Russia and China business dialogue that took place on April 16 in Hong Kong confidence is expressed that capacity of Chinese and Hong Kong investors goes in line with the wide range of opportunities that Russia may offer.

Special emphasis has been made on energy and construction industries coming as the main bridge of Sino-Chinese business relations at the moment.

Mutual business interest of Russia and China has been recently boosted by an increasing rate of IPO deals happening in Hong Kong whereby a number of Russian companies have been involved through the net of affiliates. Despite the success that marks the tendency certain issues still remain open-ended including the gap in legal and cultural background of the three countries. Hence, the growing room for the "trialogue" as to legal and business techniques to be developed in the future negotiations.

This large-scaled process is in continuous parallel with trade activities emerging between Russia and Mainland with Hong Kong acquiring more weight as the mid-shore platform and business intermediary.

With the naturally emerging business processes at the upfront the political context is also signalling increasing expectations of the future role of this business triumvirate.


Vera Lipkovskaya,