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CMS Competition Contact Card

September 2019

The CMS Competition Group has more than 180 competition lawyers in 48 cities in 34 countries, making it one of the largest competition teams in Europe. We can readily bolster our teams with competition specialists, ensuring your merger or cartel cases are adequately staffed at any time with experts knowing their law and your business.

Our widespread local presence – complemented by the CMS EU Law Office in Brussels – is unique in Europe. The unrivalled pan-European CMS Dawn Raid Response Team is a good example of what our coverage holds for our clients. Smooth and efficient handling of multinational mergers is another. Our strong local roots ensure that we can provide domestic expertise in your markets.

The scope of our presence is matched by the breadth of our expertise. While we do have an impressive track record of hundreds of merger control cases and regularly publish the highly acclaimed CMS Guide to Merger Control in Europe, our capability at CMS is not limited
to transactional merger control. In line with our full service concept we provide our clients with real expertise in all fields of competition law at European Union and national levels.

To find your local CMS Competition contact, please view the PDF below.

CMS Competition Contact Card - September 2019
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