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The new world of work in Switzerland

Like in many other countries, the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted companies in Switzerland to allow employees to work from home and, according to Sarah Keller, an employment lawyer and Senior Associate with CMS Switzerland, "it is very likely that this situation will continue after the pandemic is over", thus posing risks as well as offering advantages that need to be assessed from an employment law perspective.

To assess these risks, Swiss employers need to understand the legal basis and implications of home office and mobile working. While some countries in Europe legally regulate various forms of remote work (e.g. teleworking or mobile working, remote work, etc.), this is not the case in Switzerland, as employment lawyer and CMS Partner Christian Gersbach and Sarah Keller explain. Read the article, listen to the podcast and watch webinar recording on this topic below.


The Future is Now: The new world of work in Switzerland


Listen to the global CMS Employment podcast episode about the new world of work in Switzerland. The speakers are discussing the following:

  • Home Office
    • Legal Framework
    • Implementation
    • Cost Contribution
    • Health & Safety
  • Special Issues (return from home office, social security, taxes, data protection)
    • Electronic Signatures
    • Legal Framework
    • Issues in Practice 

Language: English
Speakers: Christian Gersbach and Sarah Keller

Webinar recording

The Future is Now: The new World of Work in Switzerland


Christian Gersbach
Christian Gersbach, LL.M.
Certified Specialist SBA Employment Law