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Product regulation and liability in Russia


Product liability in Russia is regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (the Civil Code) and the Law ‘On Consumer Protection’ dated 7 February 1992 (the Consumer Protection Law). Certain specific issues are also governed by other normative acts such as decrees of the government of the Russian Federation.

In Russia, rather than having a single product liability statute, the relevant rules are scattered among a variety of different laws. The Civil Code and the Consumer Protection Law contain a number of provisions by which manufacturers (sellers, importers, service providers as well as their representatives) may incur liability for loss or damage suffered by the consumers (as defined below) of their products, regardless of whether or not a direct contractual relationship exists.

To find out more about product liability regulation in Russia please read the chapter in by CMS partner Sergey Yuryev published in the Product Regulation and Liability Review by Law Business Research in April 2014.

Product regulation and liability in Russia
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