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The Intellectual Property Law Review 2022

19 May 2022

The coronavirus pandemic has continued to impact all aspects of life over the past year, requiring governments, businesses and individuals to adjust and adapt. Now that border restrictions and shutdowns due to the virus are lessening and international trade remains high, the need to maintain the world’s interconnectedness and reliance on international trade is enhanced and, at the same time, the stakes involved with that trade have increased considerably. Against this backdrop, intellectual property practitioners must navigate a variety of legal systems and intellectual property laws in which many differences remain, despite some movements toward harmonisation. 

Read the Russia chapter in the Intellectual Property Law Review 2022, prepared by Anton Bankovskiy in early February 2022. The chapter provides an overview of the Russian regulations in the intellectual property industry.

This article was prepared for and first published by The Law Reviews in April 2022. 


Anton Bankovskiy
Anton Bankovskiy
Head of Intellectual Property
Intellectual Property Law Review
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