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The Product Regulation and Liability Review

2 June 2022

In today’s global economy, product manufacturers and distributors face a dizzying array of overlapping and sometimes contradictory laws and regulations around the world. A basic familiarity with international product liability is essential to doing business in this environment. An understanding of the international framework will provide thoughtful manufacturers and distributors with a strategic advantage in this increasingly competitive area. This treatise sets out a general overview of product liability in key jurisdictions around the world, giving manufacturers a place to start in assessing their potential liability and exposure.

Read the Russia chapter in the The Product Regulation and Liability Law Review 2022, prepared by Sergey Yuryev in March 2022. The chapter provides an overview of the Russian regulations in the product liability industry.

This article was prepared for and first published by The Law Reviews in May 2022. 


Sergey Yuryev
Sergey Yuryev
Head of Dispute Resolution
The Product Regulation and Liability Review: Russia
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