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The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review

In 2021, the ongoing covid-19 pandemic has continued to loom large over legal and policy developments in the TMT sector. As the threat of infection has continued to affect how we live, work and interact, the importance of connectivity has never been greater or more obvious. For many businesses, remote working has been the rule rather than the exception since March 2020, and may well persist in some form well after the pandemic is over. Many schools switched to distance learning formats during the pandemic. Tele-health is on the rise as doctors check in on patients via videoconference. Even tasks as mundane as grocery shopping have shifted online. And broadband connectivity, where available, has made it all possible.

Read the Russia chapter in the Dominance and Monopolies Review, prepared by Maxim Boulba and Elena Andrianova. The chapter provides an overview of the Russian regulations in the TMT industry.

This article was prepared for and first published by The Law Reviews in December 2021. 

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The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review
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