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The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review 2019


December 2019

The TMT sector in Russia is heavily regulated, and is to a very large extent driven by political and lobbying efforts. Such unpredictability also contributes to the sometimes-controversial evolution of the regulatory landscape.

Thus, on the one hand, the governmental authorities are working on reforming the TMT sector in Russia and introducing a set of new principles that could have a significant impact on all sectors of the communications market (including by way of simplification of the licensing regime, efficient allocation of frequencies, development of communication infrastructure and universal access to telecommunications services).

On the other hand, taking into account the current political context in Russia, recent trends in the TMT market in Russia are mainly focused around increasing legislative pressure on market players, restricting foreign investment and strengthening state control over operators, media companies and customers.

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The tenth edition of The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review provides a survey of evolving legal constructs in 21 jurisdictions around the world. It is a business-focused framework rather than a legal treatise, and strives to provide a general overview for those interested in evolving law and policy in the rapidly changing TMT sector.

The Technology, Media and Telecommunications Review is a part of The Law Reviews project by Law Business Research that provides business-focused legal analysis and insight in the most significant jurisdictions worldwide.

The Technology Media and Telecommunications Review – Russia
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