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Waste reform in Russia: administrative powers at federal, regional and local levels

20 October 2020

The “waste reform” process in Russia has reallocated powers for the management of municipal solid waste (“MSW”), resulting in the main powers for MSW management going to regional authorities.

These powers include establishing waste generation standards, administering MSW management; developing and approving territorial waste management schemes, etc. In addition, some competencies have been transferred from the municipal to the regional level, such as the administration of waste management.
As a result, “waste reform” is being concurrently implemented at the three levels of power: federal, regional and municipal.

Competent authorities at each level are responsible for the reform’s implementation. In addition, a two-tier structure of operators has been introduced: the federal operator and regional operators. The federal operator manages I and II hazard class wastes while regional operators are in charge of III and IV hazard class wastes.

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Dmitry Bogdanov
Ophelia Amirova
Viktoria Shcherba