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Anti-crisis reg­u­la­tion in com­mer­cial real es­tate: tak­ing the 2022 ex­per­i­ence...
17 Feb­ru­ary 2023
Tender for re­new­ables pro­jects in Rus­sia: dead­lines and con­di­tions an­nounced
The Com­mer­cial Op­er­at­or of the Rus­si­an whole­sale elec­tri­city mar­ket has an­nounced a tender for the se­lec­tion of pro­jects for the con­struc­tion of gen­er­at­ing fa­cil­it­ies op­er­at­ing on the basis of re­new­ables.Tenders...
Rus­sia in­tro­duces rules al­low­ing per­sons from "un­friendly" states to be...
On 17 Janu­ary 2023, Pres­id­en­tial De­cree No. 16* (the "De­cree") came in­to force, al­low­ing, un­der cer­tain con­di­tions, the votes of per­sons from so-called "un­friendly" states to be dis­reg­arded in the course...
2022: Le­gis­lat­ive de­vel­op­ments im­pact­ing the phar­ma­ceut­ic­al and med­ic­al...
Since Feb­ru­ary 2022 busi­ness in Rus­sia has been af­fected by dra­mat­ic polit­ic­al and eco­nom­ic events. Mil­it­ary ac­tion and sanc­tions have giv­en rise to lo­gist­ic­al, man­u­fac­tur­ing and repu­ta­tion­al chal­lenges...
New re­stric­tions on trans­ac­tions with shares and par­ti­cip­at­ory in­terests...
On 15 Oc­to­ber 2022, Pres­id­en­tial De­cree No. 737* (the “De­cree”) was pub­lished which, among oth­er things, es­tab­lished an ad­di­tion­al list of trans­ac­tions or op­er­a­tions re­quir­ing per­mis­sion from the...
New re­stric­tions on trans­ac­tions in­volving par­ti­cip­at­ory in­terests in Rus­si­an...
19 Septem­ber 2022
Sakhal­in car­bon ex­per­i­ment law to come in­to force on 1 Septem­ber 2022
1 June 2022
Bill in­tro­duced in Rus­si­an State Duma al­low­ing sus­pen­sion and ter­min­a­tion...
8 April 2022
Rus­si­an Gov­ern­ment cla­ri­fies rules for trans­ac­tions with for­eign coun­ter­parties
11 March 2022
Leg­al de­vel­op­ments that may af­fect your busi­ness in 2022
CMS Rus­sia ex­perts have pre­pared their an­nu­al se­lec­tion of the most sig­ni­fic­ant leg­al de­vel­op­ments that may af­fect your busi­ness in Rus­sia in 2022.
Do­ing busi­ness in Rus­sia
This is the 2021 edi­tion of the Do­ing busi­ness in Rus­sia guide. 
CMS M&A European Out­look 2022: Road to re­cov­ery
Septem­ber 2021 We are pleased to provide you with this year’s edi­tion of the “European M&A Out­look”, pub­lished in co-op­er­a­tion with Mer­ger­mar­ket