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INSIGHTS Relevant advice to help you meet new legal challenges We monitor the trends that are relevant to your business – whether in your local market or across multiple jurisdictions. In this section, you will find articles and analyses focused on the legal aspects of a broad range of current topics.
9 February 2024
The new Rules of the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce: a milestone for arbitration in the region Arbitration, as a method for resolving disputes, continues to evolve, adapting to the ever-changing landscape of international commerce. The recent introduction of the new Arbitration Rules by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce marks a significant step forward in enhancing the arbitration landscape in the region. These updated rules promise a more efficient, transparent, and user-friendly arbitration process, positioning Abu Dhabi as a hub for dispute resolution in the Middle East. Read more
8 February 2024
Life sciences & healthcare: review of the most important legislative developments Since 2022, the healthcare industry in Russia has been affected by sweeping political and economic events. Some companies have left the market, others have changed the format of their presence, and others have seen new opportunities. Read more
7 February 2024
Transfer pricing in Russia: major changes in force from 2024 On 1 January 2024, sweeping changes to the Transfer Pricing regulation (the “Law”*) came into force, requiring Russian taxpayers to expand their Transfer Pricing (TP) compliance and reassess their risks associated with controlled transactions. Read more
12 January 2024
A new procedure for approving transactions to dispose of intellectual property is to be put in place On 14 December 2023, a draft decree has been submitted for approval to the Russian Ministry of Justice (the “Decree”) that provides for amendments to the Presidential Decree No. 81 dated 1 March 2022 introducing a new procedure for approving transactions to dispose of or pledge exclusive rights of right holders from the so-called “unfriendly” countries. The Decree was prepared by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade. Read more
12 October 2023
The “exit fee” for “unfriendly” foreign investors has been raised to 15% The Russian Ministry of Finance has published an extract* from Minutes No. 193/4 of the meeting of the Sub-Commission of the Government Commission on Control over Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation dated 26 September 2023. Read more
6 October 2023
The UAE on its way to reshape the arbitration landscape Recently, the UAE introduced Federal Law No. (15) of 2023 (The “Amendments”), which substantially revised the previous Federal Law No. (6) of 2018. The Amendments have been strategically crafted to enhance the arbitration processes in the country by addressing various aspects of the arbitration process, such as the selection of arbitrators, the procedures for arbitration, the use of technology in arbitration, and the impartiality of arbitrators. Read more
11 October 2023
Open Source compliance handbook Our digital law team has prepared thought leadership material on regulation of software development and use of Open Source. Read more
9 February 2024
Vladislav Eltovskiy, Maria Kabanova and Dmitry Bogdanov – new counsels at SEAMLESS Legal SEAMLESS Legal continues to strengthen its team and is pleased to announce promotions effective from 1 January Read more
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