Zijad Hanic Counsel

Zijad is a qualified lawyer with a comprehensive academic background, holding degrees in both civil and common law. He is specialised in international corporate law, enhancing his legal expertise.

With five years of prior experience at one of the world's largest corporate services providers, which managed a portfolio of over 15,000 companies and approximately USD 13 billion in assets, was managing and executing market entry strategies for more than 300 companies entering the UAE market.

He is experienced in a wide array of corporate legal processes, including intellectual property, mergers and acquisitions, compliance, transactions, agreements, patents, and corporate restructuring.

Companies in Zijad’s portfolio belong to different industries, such as Heineken, Emirates, Bespin Technologies, Cambridge Education Group, Compass Group, G42, Curefit, Dreuss and others.

EDUCATION — 2020, Middlesex University London (Dubai Campus), Master of Laws (LLM), International Business Law
— 2013, State University of New York at Canton (SUNY), Bachelor of Technology in Legal Studies
— 2013, American University in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bachelor of Law (LLB)
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